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Welcome to Project Incensum :

Project Incensum started as an independent research in the year 2000. The objective of this project is help users find top class line of incense.

This project is a collective effort of many incense traders, retailers, fragrance professionals and scores of incense lovers from many countries.

The Incensum research, started in the year 2000, soon led us to the following conclusions:

1. The Indian incense industry, supplies up to 60% of the world incense market.

2. Incense manufacture is a traditional cottage industry of rural India, which, because of that very nature, is exploitative of the poor people who work in the incense industry.

3. Many consumers and traders of incense have little knowledge about the quality parameters of an incense stick.

4. In the niche market of premium incense, high grade incenses of particular fragrances (Jasmine, Patchouli etc.) are not manufactured or marketed. This could be due to high manufacturing costs of masala incenses and/or the high costs and diffiuclty in achieving a clean fragrance using this technique.

5. The industrialisation of the incense production process since 1990, have resulted in a legion of commercial Incense brands that are made in India and now even in China.

6. All commercial grade incenses have failed to produce fragrances even faintly resembling traditional incenses. As a result, an opportunity has risen for a traditional manufacturing process to survive a commercial onslaught.

Project incensum started with a quest to manufacture the very best incense in the world.

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