Incenses are made all over the world.
The finest ones are made in South India.
The rain forests of South India produce a variety of medicinal plants and resins that are used in the indigenous medical systems.
Some of these resins are inherent components of the masala* incense mixtures.
A few of them function as binders for aromatic molecules, while others generate the base note of the incense fragrance.
These resins make the difference between a good incense and an excellent incense.  The knowledge about these resins is the intellectual property of the traditional incense makers of South India.  Many good incenses made in India are too heavy for the temperate air.
As a result, quite a few consumers feel being “stuffed” by the fragrance.
Incensum attempts to address this issue, by making the fragrance very “soft”, “gentle” & “clear” with a lingering top note.
This section provides information about this project and the people behind this effort.
Incensum incense is manufactured at:
Incensum Incense, #3/100,
Ragavendra Building, VIP Nagar, NGGO Colony Post,
Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu – 641 022, INDIA.
Incensum is marketed globally from
Incensum is not available (for export) at the Main Bazaar in Delhi or any other bazaars in India.
Incensum Team leaders:
Marketing, Sales & Product Research: Vittal Prakash, Hongkong. (  )
Production and Logistics: Raguram Jagtap, Coimbatore, India.( )
Research and Product Development: Venkatessapa,S, Bangalore, India. ( )

The wonderful employees, who hand-roll and pack Incensum with a sense of pride & purpose:

                                                                      S Gowri
                                                                     Age 44
 Incensum Team Member Since Jan-2004

                                                     V. Gunasundari
                                                     Age 38
Incensum team Member Since Jan 2018

                                                   R. Saraswathi
                                                   Age 36
Incensum team Member Since Apr 2018

                                                       R. Sundari
                                                      Age 45
Incensum team Member Since Jan 2013