Welcome to our trade and opportunities section.
This section provides information about various price slabs and terms.
Price & Packing
Incensum incense is manufactured, packed & priced to survive in extremely competitive markets with the biggest profit margins for distributors and stores. 
Unit of Trade : One Carton.
One carton contains 30 Double Dozen Packs (Reccomended Whole Sale Unit).
A Double Dozen Pack, as the name suggests, contains 24 boxes(24 retail units), each containing 10 premium incense sticks.
Carton measurements:
1.  Dimensions   :  37.5 cms x 34.2 cms x 46.5 cms (length x breadth x height)
2.  Volume            :  0.05964 CBM  (CBM = Cubic Meters, unit used to calculate Sea Freight)
3.  Gross Weight :  17.25 Kg (Gross weight of a carton is used to calculate Air Freight)
 Kindly note that due to the volatility of the currency markets and an unstable US Dollar – Euro love affair, our prices will vary accordingly. Prices may be updated at the end of each week.  Orders confirmed will be honoured for  upto a 10% fluctuation in currency exchange rates before the settlement of full payment.
    1. TRADE: (Appropriate for Importers, Network Stores, and Corporate Gift Suppliers)
    Unit for trade =  1Carton containing 30 units of 24 boxes, each box containing 10 sticks.
    Minimum Quantity = 50 Cartons.  
    Price =  $180.00/Ctn;   € 166.00/Ctn.
    Shipping Terms :  FOB Tutucorin / Chennai
    Payment Terms :  Part Advance;  Rest Before Shipment. 
    2. Small Lots: (Appropriate for Importers, Distributors, Wholesalers  & Large stores)
    Unit for trade =  1Carton containing 30 units of 24 boxes, each box containing 10 sticks.
    Minimum Quantity = 36 Cartons.  
    Price =  $225.00/Ctn;   € 207/Ctn.
    Shipping Terms :  FOB Tutucorin / Chennai
    Payment Terms :  Full Payment in advance. 
Many of our trading partners have expressed surprise at our offer of small quantities as low as 12 cartons.
If that surprises you too, kindly read the explanatory note given below.
    3.  Wholesale: (Appropriate for Ashrams, Collectives, Stores & Commercial Web Sites)
    Unit for trade =  1Carton containing 30 units of 24 boxes, each box containing 10 sticks.
    Minimum Quantity = 12 Cartons.  
    Price =  $310.00/Ctn;   € 285.00/Ctn.
    Shipping Terms :  FOB Tutucorin / Chennai/ Coimbatore.
    Payment Terms :  Full Payment in advance. 
Explanatory note on the price offer of 12 cartons:
1.  The price offered is F.O.B-India.  Therefore, by the time the merchandise will arrive to the destination, transportation, logistics and customs procedure costs will add up to this cost.   The primary aim of this price offer is to enable stores or a group of stores to buy smaller quantities, directly from us, if their market does not have an Incensum distributor.
However, if a store or group of stores would want to purchase this quantity directly from us, in a market where there IS a distributor, we WILL re-direct that order to the nearest distributor.
This will help the stores take immediate delivery, rather than wait for production and shipment from India.  Just as in the case of direct purchase from India, stores may be paying 100% advance, enabling the importer to have a sound markup for large volume sale at cash.  Distributors and stores can as well  come to their own price vs credit/payment  terms, thus enabling more trading options as oppsed to purchasing directly from us, which has just one option:  Advance payment, combined with lead time, production time and shipping time.
2. Our declared policy of trading is to enable our trading partners to maximise their profits and speed up their cash flow. 
It is in our interest that always fresh merchandise gets to the market, and existing stocks are sold out as fast as possible.
This is another reason that we WILL re-direct  small orders to the nearest reseller/distributor/importer.   
We may as well re-direct larger orders from other importers to the nearest importer/ distributor, if we have a long order position.
This method is better for:
(a) Stores(immediate delivery); (b) Distributors(high volume order at cash purchase);
(c) Consumers (fresher produce) and (d) also for us(customer satisfaction, transparent business).
3.  Incensum is among the few incense businesses in the world with a  COMPLETELY   OPEN   PRICING   POLICY. 
All prices are displayed openly and is freely accesible for all visitors of this site.  Anybody with a simple calculator can easily compute the profits Incensum offers to its trading partners, and we are the least bit ashamed of it. 
As stated many times in this site, one of the the ideas behind Project Incensum is to generate increased wealth for ourselves, our trading partners and our employees. 
Incensum pricing policy thus becomes completely transparent compared to the pricing policy of any other incense business.
Stores:  If you wish to retail our products, please browse our Global Store Locator to find an Incensum distributor near you.  
If you are already retailing our products, you get a free, automatic listing in our global store locator by which consumers in your area can find and reach you.    
Please contact us for such a listing.
If you are a reseller or distributor, you are welcome to provide us with your detailed store list for listing in our global store locator.  Please note that every incensum packet carry this web address and can bring customers to one of your client stores through our store locator.
Retail consumers:
Please use our  Global Store Locator  to purchase Incensum incense.
Incensum incense provides her consumers with an unbeatable value for money. 
Our recommended retail price:  $4.00 or  €3.70.00 per box of 10sticks. 
If stores near your location are not listed, please try one of the various websites, which stock our products, but please pay attention to the shipping costs for each site.
   Incensum cannot verify what its customers may or may not do with our products, once purchased. 
   Incensum is in no way responsible for its customer`s misuse of its products.
   Please note that all incenses should be kept away from children and this information must be passed on to the subsequent purchaser.